User Guide

Get Started Here With RexDepot

At its core, RexDepot is a public Real Estate Exchange that connects buyers and sellers on a digital platform. RexDepot offers buyers the opportunity to express interest in any location and communicate what they want. Then home owners (sellers or potential sellers) can connect with those buyers.

RexDepot is all about making connections and making it easier to find the right home and the right buyer. Whether you’re a buyer, seller or real estate agent, RexDepot can work for you.

Overview of The Process

Buyers drop a Pin with built in criteria such as location, radius, size etc.. Owners (Sellers or Potential Sellers) are able to login and see buyers Pins. Sellers can click on a pin then connect with the buyer.

Attention real estate agents, Use RexDepot to grow your network! Go ahead and quickly register as an agent. Then instruct your current and potential clients to select your name when dropping or responding to Pins. You also can drop Pins on behalf of clients. Tell your clients and potential clients to use

For Buyers

When you create and verify your account, click on the “Drop Pin” tab in the navigation bar. This will take you to a map. Because we operate off of Google Maps, it’s user friendly and likely will be familiar to you.

Look for the icon of the gray circle and click on it:

This will place a blue circle on the map. Move it to the area you want, and then move the circle to the size of the area you’re willing to live in.

When you’re convinced you have the right area you want, click the button that says “GO REX GO!”

Then, you will be prompted with all of the options you’re looking for — price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, a garage, parking spots, and so much more!

After this, you’ll be asked a few basic questions about your situation and to provide lender verification (you only need to do this once and you will have it on file).

During this process, you can request a real estate agent, or if you already have an agent, you can enter their information in. Otherwise, you are free to go without an agent.

Then, you click “Finish” and wait to get contacted. It’s a simple way to let sellers in your area know you’re looking — and what you’re looking for!

For Sellers

Once you’ve created and verified your seller account, you will have access to “Pins” that are created by buyers.

When you click on a given pin, you will see the details the buyer is looking for. If you have something to sell in the vicinity of that pin, click “Respond.”

You will be asked if you need an agent to represent you, and then you click “Finish.” This will send the prospective buyer a message indicating that you might have a property that fits their wishes.

And thus, the connection is made.

For Real Estate Agents

Be sure to instruct your clients to select your name when dropping or responding to Pins. You will be the primary contact if your clients are entering your name when dropping or responding to Pins. The notifications will let you know if a seller has responded to your buyer clients Pin and/or if your seller clients have responded to a buyers Pin. Agents will be able to monitor their clients and potential clients Pins. Also agents can drop Pins on behalf of clients. is a free tool that will help you grow your business. Tell your clients and potential clients to use

What About Listing Properties?

There are plenty of platforms that already exist for the purpose of listing properties. This is more of a way to connect people with one another.

With RexDepot, we offer you the ability to casually browse the market from all sides. This is a great tool for anyone looking to buy or sell a house in a particular area.

So what are you waiting for? Register and become a part of the community.